Friday, June 14, 2024

June 13

 June 13, 2024.     Thankful Thursday

Stanley - We managed the first day. 

We apparently have people to take care of the stuff at home. 

Our little 12V fridge is working great. 

A spousal unit who takes care of all the details so I can just go along for the drive. 

High hopes for a great trip and so far - no down sides.


Dona - What a great day to travel. 

Our little car is so comfortable. 

The fridge purred along behind our seats, but we never even heard it. Everything was packed and ready to go by 11:00. We had lunch before we left and a little slow down going into Baton Rouge due to construction, but it was all minor. 

Next stop Alexandria. We took pictures of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral and the Emanuel Baptist Church. Drove around a bit more and found ourselves back on Hwy 49. 

Finished the day outside Shreveport in a nice hotel with cold sparkling wine and a microwave pasta dish.

We left the garden in great condition, but the heat is already taking its toll.  We believe that Chelsea and Adrian are going to take the very best of care of everything. We have so many wonderful flowers this year. Come on, Pollinators! Dinner is served!

Grateful that the Floral Design Class last Saturday went so well. It was a pleasure being on that planning committee. 

Book Club was great. As always! Wonderful discussion! Sorry that Karen wasn’t there. She would have loved it. 

June 14, Friday

Breakfast and a leisure morning. On the road by 11:00
Only one stop for gas and a snack about 1:00.
Traffic was not a real issue until we reached the DFW area. From then on it was stop, go, slow down, stop, go slow, go go go, stop.
Finally, we got to Panchi's about 3:30. Had a nice afternoon visit, time on her lovely patio and a great dinner. I think we are changing our minds about the route from here. More on that tomorrow.