Wednesday, June 19, 2024

June 19

Have you ever heard of Thayne WY? If you haven’t heard of Thayne, you probably haven’t heard of Wolf Den Log Cabins either. That’s our home until 11:00AM 6/21. We are all unpacked and ready for whatever tomorrow brings. 

Today was a lesson in geology and paleontology. I was mesmerized by all the different layers of sediment, the colors, the formations and the dramatic effects of erosion. Just look at some of these! And just think. All of this is Jurassic and Triassic times. It’s all full of fossils from dinosaur times.

And then there was the presence of man including a mining operation that I missed. 

The farther north we went the colder it got, the more snow we saw on mountain tops, the greener the grass, the fatter the cattle, and the harder the wind blew. But we held on and made it down to Thayne. 

Spinach salad for dinner. We skipped dessert. Unless you count another bag of Rainier cherries. I couldn’t resist!

¡Buenos noches!