Tuesday, June 25, 2024

June 25

 First things first. We agreed to finish our trip to Alaska and think about Marie’s Cabin on the way back.

Packed up and out of Wenatchee by 10:00. Back through Leavenworth and on North on Hwy 22. More beautiful scenery composed of rocks, water, and trees with a blue blue sky.


Steven’s Pass

Two of our favorite garden flowers in Alaska were digitalis and Shasta daisy. For many miles of our travel today, we saw these two growing wild either side by side or mixed along the edge of the highway. It was like driving through an Alaskan garden. 

Stopped for lunch at a rest stop after we turned onto the I5. I could visualize the master bedroom to the left, the living area to the right and perhaps a loft above. What a huge tree this must have been.

Mt. Baker in the distance  

We were all settled in Bellingham by 4:00. A little time for reading and rest and then lo and behold there was a Fred Meyer Grocery right next to our hotel.  For my friends in Texas this was like the most fabulous HEB you can imagine. For my friends in Louisiana it was like a Rouses on steroids and for those in Alaska, you know Fred Meyer. No explanation needed. We walked over and visited the deli counter. We came back with smoked salmon and bowtie pasta. So very yummy!

I’m reading Dancing at the Rascal Fair. It’s really good!

!¡Buenos noches!