Sunday, June 30, 2024

June 29

 Woke up earlier than intended. The ferry runs on Alaskan time, but since we lost internet sometime during the night, our devices are still on PDT. A bit confusing, but we can adjust.

Our second on-board dining experience was a bit on the edgy side. We want to the cafeteria for coffee and managed to squeeze a cup and 1/2 out of the pot before it went completely dry. The cashier was as sweet as could be, but she still charged the regular price, $1.75 a cup. We made a quick note to ourselves to retrieve our little traveling coffee maker from the car at the first Main Deck call. Access to vehicles is only allowed four times a day. Our next opportunity was at 8:30. We were not a minute late. 

We also brought up a vest for Stanley and a couple of sweatshirts. The weather has changed from yesterday’s warm, bright and sunny to today’s rainy and cold. I’m feeling for the folks on the Sun Deck. They are getting a real taste of Alaskan coastal weather - However, in  spite of the rain, the sea remains very calm so at least they are being spared being cold and sea sick. Hard to believe this ride is much smoother than an Amtrak rail, but that’s the case so far.  

Lunch was a pleasant surprise. The chowder was as good as I remembered. Followed lunch with a walk around the inside of the ferry. Outside is still yucky. Back to the cabin for more reading. Life without internet is just a bit weird. The lounge is full of people playing board games, reading, and actually putting jigsaw puzzles together, and having conversations. There are very few devices visible and they are mostly being used for reading. 

We had sandwiches for dinner again tonight. This seems to be working well for us. I really like our little fridge. It keeps everything fresh and dry and saves us a ton of money. Topped off the evening at the movie theater with a series of films featuring the town of Ketchikan Alaska, its history, economy, ties to the fishing and timber industries, and its ethnic diversity. There was nothing in the films about the Ketchikan of today. It has become a tourist mecca. Cruise ships discharge their passengers into the tiny town to buy geegaws made in Chiina, eat lunch, and have a photo made with the totem poles . There is really nothing left of the original village.

Times they are a changing.

Here are some photos I made through my window during the day so you can experience the weather just as I have.

Buenos Noches!