Monday, June 17, 2024

June 17

 My View of the High Plains

Amarillo TX to Limon CO

Miles and miles of wind turbines

Miles of pasture land. 

Miles of wheat

Miles of sagebrush

Miles of stunted cedar trees

Miles of prairie dogs

Brown cows

Black cows

Horses of every horse hue

Tiny towns

Isolated homes


Interesting sculptures

Blue Blue Blue Sky


Fluffy white clouds

Snow fences
Barbed wire fences

Wooden Fences

Mixed wire fences

Down fences

Small water tanks

Occasional arroyos 

A couple of buttes

Some table top flat

Some gently rolling swales

Wind Range: Stiff Breeze-Gale Force

Temperature Range:  82-101F

Time: Central to Mountain

We are now tucked in at a vintage motel in Limon. I bought some things from the local grocery store for dinner:

Appetizer: Black Pepper Crackers, Gouda Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes

Entree: Swedish Meatballs and Salad

Dessert: Chocolate Caramel Clusters and Rainier Cherries 

¡Buenos Noches!