Sunday, June 16, 2024

June 15-16

 Saturday was a great day with family. We missed seeing Emery and her family, but they are having a great time on their England Ireland Scotland tour. The morning was gone before we knew it and all we had done was visit. Saturday afternoon we drove into Arlington to see the Pompeii exhibit. It was a bit smaller than we had expected but it was very well done. 

After we finished up at the museum my granddaughter Allyson suggested we go into Fort Worth for lunch. The social butterfly of the family knew a dozen different places and exactly how to get there. We settled on Panther City BarBQ. It was a a scrumptious late lunch/early dinner. 

Back to Weatherford for a short nap and more visiting. The late dinner we had planned was cancelled because everyone was still stuffed. Our time on the patio with the cicadas singing and fireflies twinkling and red wine in the glass was as good as it gets. We are so very lucky! 

Sunday morning came all too early. Panchi and Russell were off to church and Stanley and I were off to burn up more Texas road. 

Between Weatherford and Amarillo we saw lots of dairy cows, cows and calves, steers, a few long horns, several tiny Texas towns, a slew of mesquite, and some barren ground that seemed to be without purpose. And wind! Lots of wind!

We are now in a comfortable motel. We had salad for dinner and we are ready to read a while and call it a day. ¡Buenos noches!