Friday, June 28, 2024

June 27

 Thankful Thursday

Stanley - So far so good. We couldn't have asked for a better trip so far. Cool weather in Washington.Apparently, our caretakers are doing well back at home. A message from Chelsea indicates all is well. They have had rain. Adrian is taking care of the yard. No problems to report except a need for more peanuts which means the blue jays are still around. Always a good thing! Scott Pilié is back on WGNO to guide us through hurricane season.

Dona - Always thankful for Stanley. He has been a real trooper on this trip. An excellent driver and absolutely no whining. Grateful, just as Stanley said, for the good caretakers we have in Louisiana. They seem to be on top of everything. Grateful that the art project last Saturday was such a  success. Grateful for the women on the committee who worked so hard. Grateful to have been a part of it. Grateful for family and friends. Looking forward to meeting with Alaskan family and friends from another time. Grateful for the reservations we have for the next few days after the ferry puts us off in Haines. We will be staying at Destruction Bay, Tok, and Galena. 


Today was a different kind of day. Outside was a gusty, cold day - more like late winter than early summer. We stayed in most of the day. We both read. I finished my book, Dancing at the Rascal Fair. Not always a pleasant read, but the writing was first rate.

We watched the debate. We have both decided that Joe Biden should step down. It was painful to watch him. Although the substance of his debate was good, his delivery was not. I can no longer believe he has the stamina for four more years of this grueling job. 

The big accomplishment of the day was laundry and repacking for the boat.

We sort of skipped dinner and snacked on leftovers from the fridge. Watching the debate starting at 6:00PDT pretty much killed appetites.