Tuesday, June 25, 2024

June 24

Luxurious morning. Sunshine streaming through the windows. Cottage cheese and blueberries. Hot coffee. My darlin’ by my side. Who could ask for more? Me. I wanted to go someplace. 

Actually, this started last evening. We were talking about what a pretty place this is and how we might like to spend a little time up here next summer.  I got on the VRBO app that I have used so many times in Europe, just to see what might be available in the area. We found this little place called Marie’s Cabin in a town up the road called Plain WA. 

Cute as a button. We both sorta feel in love with the idea, but knowing wine may have been a factor we decided the best thing to do was go to sleep and think on it some more in the morning. 

The morning came and we were still in love with the idea so off we went to check it out. It was just as cute as the pictures indicated. We could see ourselves sitting on the porch, watching the Wenatchee River roll by, making dinner in the cute little kitchen, and snuggling up with our iPads and phones on a rainy day . . . . oops . . . . . no internet connection available. Well, that put the brakes on that, but then we thought that might be a good thing for both of us. We don’t need to rely so much on the internet. So the love affair continued. 

Then we went down the hill to the local cafe for lunch. What a cute little place! And the young man who took our order was a sweet as could be. We could see ourselves coming down for lunch several times a week and picking up supplies at the grocery store and general store just next door. Then our Ruben sandwich came. There is no way that sandwich could have been worse.  Well, that put the brakes on that, but then we thought that might be a good thing for both of us. We don’t need high calorie, high carb count sandwiches. So the love affair continued. 

Then we went down to the town of Leavenworth, the cute little town designed to look like a Bavarian village, thinking how much fun it would be to come down and mix it up with the locals from time to time, but then we saw the traffic and the crowds of tourists and that put the brakes on that. But then we thought . . . wait . . . . there is more to Leavenworth than the traffic and crowds. There is culture.

Then we got back to the motel and thought some more about how sweet it would be to sit on the porch on a summer day and watch the Wenatchee River roll by in 78 degree temperature; and how much fun it would be to drive down to the cafe/general store/grocery a couple times a week knowing that Ruben sandwiches weren’t the cafe’s best, but knowing something else might be; and how much we would look forward to an occasional trip down to Leavenworth for a nice meal and and a movie or whatever else they might have to offer. And then we decided not to think about it anymore today. We’ll revisit this in the morning.

I managed a few pictures of Leavenworth.

And on the way back to Wenatchee I snapped a picture of about a million apple picking crates. Just to let you know these people are serious about their apples.

And, we stopped at the Prey’s Fruit Stand. What a beautiful little shop. Of course I bought cherries. As I told you before - tis the season.

Now, to bed. To dream. To consider what Marie’s Cabin might be like on a summer day. On the porch at 78 degrees. Maybe drive down to the Old Mill Cafe for a ham and cheese panini. Or a concert on the square in Leavenworth. Ah . . .. 

¡Buenos noches!