Thursday, June 20, 2024

June 20

 June 20, 2024

Thankful Thursday

Solstice - 2:50PM today. Look out! Days are getting shorter! Winter is coming!

Stanley - Thankful for the things we’ve seen and done so far on this epic trip. Thankful for the good reports from Hammond. Thankful for my spousal unit and all she does for me and for us. Thankful for all the Thankful Thursdays we’ve had and the Cava we have shared.

Dona - Thankful as always for Stanley, my rock. He is so unflappable. So steady. What a blessing! Thankful for the variety of places we’ve stayed along the way thus far and the plans we’ve made for the next few days. Thankful for the beauty we’ve seen and the friendly people we’ve met along the way. Thankful for time spent with Panchi, Russell and Allyson. Thankful that Emery and her family are enjoying a bit of Europe. Thankful for friends. Concerned about friends in Mexico and hopeful that we will hear from them soon that Tropical Storm Alberto has done them no damage. Thankful for the lack of mosquitoes in the area and the fact that Stanley hasn’t had to fight them off. Thankful that we are still dreaming about the future!Thankful for the cool weather we are experiencing, 39F with heavy frost on the car this morning when we woke up.

We had a lazy morning at Wolf Den and then into Thayne for lunch (very few tourists, lots of locals) and down to Afton for a walk about and some pictures (lots of tourists and few locals). Afton is wall to wall cute little shops and places to eat and drink. Thayne is all business. Poor little Etna is just too small to classify. All three are tiny towns on the road to Jackson and Grand Teton National Park. 

 Back to the Wolf Den just to while away the afternoon.  Stanley with his New Yorkers and me with a good book, Dancing at the Rascal Fair. And a little fun with the camera.

Dinner under the gazebo. Leftovers from lunch and more Rainier cherries. Tis the season.

¡Buenos Noches!

Update#1: Good news from our sweet friends in Monterrey Mexico. 16 inches of rain but only minimal damage. 

Update #2: Mosquito bites.                                        Dona 2      Stanley 0    What???????