Thursday, June 27, 2024

June 26

I am full of recommendations today.

If you are ever in need of a place to stay in Bellingham WA, I can recommend La Quinta Inn. Very friendly, helpful staff, a nice accommodation at a reasonable price, and the best "included breakfast" I've had in a long time.

If you are ever in Bellingham WA and find yourself in need of any kind of Apple repair or replacement, I can recommend City Mac. When I walked in I had a cell phone that had become a land line, a broken phone case, and a lap top that had locked me out of the Blogger app. Four men were standing at the Genius Bar, all willing and able to assist me with my multiple issues. $120.00 and four hours later I walked out with a a new battery in my phone, a sparkly new case, an unlocked laptop, and a smile on my face. Highly recommend!


If you are ever in need of a deli dinner in Bellingham WA, get yourself to Fred Mayer on Bakerview Ave. ASAP. Look for the guy with the green pony tail. I guarantee  you a 5 star dinner in a paper bag. Conveniently located to my first recommendation. Just a 2 minute walk. Not bad - even in the rain. 

Speaking of rain, this was the first  we've had on the whole trip! Just a brief shower, but a cold one! Temperature dropped to 62 in the middle of the afternoon. Of course, we asked for it. We ran the car through a car wash just minutes before it started raining.

We were on our way to check out the route to the Alaska Ferry line-up area. As we discovered later  - there were step by step instructions on the internet, but finding it on our own was way more fun.

The evening menu : Hummus and Black Pepper Crackers
                                Hot Chicken Sandwich
                                Greek Pasta 
                                Chocolate Covered Fruit Gels
                                White Wine/Water/Red Wine

You just gotta love a day in Bellingham!
It was cold and windy all day today. 

Add two more deer to my list of wildlife. These babies had wandered into the parking lot behind the computer shop. It was fenced on three sides with a very busy street on the fourth side. They were still there when we left that morning but when we returned in the afternoon to retrieve the phone they were gone. This was in the middle of a commercial area. I hope they found refuge.