Tuesday, July 2, 2024

July 2

 Out of the bowels of the ferry and onto the Haines Highway. 

Two photos just for fun. 

#1. We arrived about at the Canadian border crossing about 3:30. We thought the border opened at 7:00. But the sign said 8:00. What?!?! 8:00?!?!?! Then we remembered. The Canadians love us, but they don't go by Alaskan time. They opened promptly at 7:00 Alaskan Time - just as we had thought. We were told we had too much wine and should have to pay the import tax but it was ok for today. We were sent on our way with a smile. Here we are, 6th in line, at the border, still in a little bit of 7:00 vs 8:00 shock  

#2. Just before Haines Junction we were passed by the three motorcycles we had sat behind at the Bellingham Terminal. There they go!

The clouds played peek-a-boo with my camera all day. We only had a few drops of rain,  but the clouds were persistent. This part of British Columbia and Yukon is loaded with fabulous mountains. Here, in no particular order ,are some of the best mountain/cloud photos I got.

I have never seen so many wildflowers along the road in Alaska. And too many varieties to count. If I had persuaded Stanley to stop every time I thought I saw a different kind of flower, we would still be waaaay up the road. Again, in no particular order, are some of my best shots.

Last but not least, a few photos of Kuane Lake.

Getting up this morning at 2:00 wasn't easy for me, but Stanley was up almost all night worried about waking up in time to get off the ferry in a civilized manner. He's asleep now and I'm going to let him sleep a while longer. 

We are staying at the Talbot Arm Motel in Destruction Bay, right across the highway from the lake. There is a restaurant connected to the motel so we will go there for dinner later.

Meanwhile, this is my motel view for the evening.