Monday, July 1, 2024

June 30

 June 30

Sunday - 2nd full day on the ferry

Woke up to see that at sometime during the night, my phone had found a bit of internet and updated the clock. However, it didn’t update anything else.

Coffee in our cabin - so good and much more civilized than wandering down to the cafeteria.

Stanley has now read everything that is downloaded on his iPad. The poor baby is down to talking to me and looking out the window as his sources of entertainment. He just now reports a patch of sunshine on the water. If he can just hang on, we will be in Ketchikan soon. We will have internet there for the five hours we are in port there.


Just as I thought, four cruise ships were lined up at the Ketchikan dock. 

Many of our fellow ferry passengers flocked off the boat to join the cruisers, but Stanley and I elected to stay on board. Been there. Done that. 

Here are a few pictures I took from my window. 

Wonder what’s in all those containers?!?!

On to Wrangell.


Unlike some coastal fishing towns, Wrangell is a beauty. 

Cars coming off and cars waiting to come on. 

Through the Wrangell Narrows

And into Petersburg. 

And still we have calm waters. 

¡Buenos Noches!