Monday, July 8, 2024

July 7

 A relaxed morning. Music, coffee, cottage cheese and blueberries! Still more memories to review. And then it was time for us to go. 

Regretfully, the clouds followed us all the way to Palmer. All the beautiful mountain vistas that I had looked forward to sharing were completely hidden in the clouds. 

I did manage a quick shot of the Matanuska Glacier

And it’s toe as it melts to form the beginning of the Matanuska River. 

A look at Craig’s Peak

And Gunsight

And that was it. These are my mountains and I wanted to show them off. A disappointment for sure, but this is Alaska. There will be more mountains. 

The Matanuska River is causing all kinds of problems eating away at the river bank, but there have also been avalanches calling for some refiguring of the road.

We arrived at Scott’s house just in time for birthday cake. Aubrey is 9!

Bonus: we got to meet Erin, Sean’s new bride. She and Aubrey were busy making bracelets for everyone. 

A sweet time with a sweet family

.L to R Sean and Erin, Dona, Aubrey, Stanley, Scott (Aubrey’s father) and Jesse. Standing behind Aubrey is Dan, stepfather to Sean , Scott, and Jesse. Missing in the photograph, as photographers often are, is Petrea, Aubrey’s mom. Also missing is the boys’ mom Kathy. We miss you. Hurry home!