Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nice to Rovinj

Traveling  to Verona from Nice was an all day affair. In retrospect we should have spent an extra day in Nice just to rest up and regroup, but we already had reservations for the train, the hotel in Verona, and the ferry from Venice. With that many commitments, we pressed on. 

First stop: Ventimiglia, Italy. Only about an hour out of Nice, we stopped long enough for a quick breakfast and to change trains.

On past miles of beautiful shoreline. 

We traveled all the way to Genoa along the Mediterranean Sea.

In Genoa, the train took a sharp left turn

And we went straight up the mountain. A short layover in Milan and soon

We were in Verona. The best part of our time in the city was this view of the River Adige from our hotel room.

I chose this hotel for us because of its proximity to a restaurant we had particularly enjoyed on our first visit. You know your life is a little too decadent when you start making choices based on food and beverage quality. Whatever! 

We enjoyed a great dinner there, returned to our hotel, checked to make sure the river was still running, and slept for hours! 

After a leisurely breakfast the next morning, we were off to visit St Euphemia Church. We had tried to visit on our previous trip, but it was closed up tight. This time the door was wide open.

That's St. Euphemia on the left. According to legend, she was thrown to the lions but they refused to eat her. I think the object in her right hand is representative of the wheel used in her final torture and death. 

Then on with the window licking. 

That sounds like so much more fun than window shopping.

Proseco in crystal glasses at a sidewalk cafe. Just one more little detail that makes Europe hard to resist.

A long rest . . . and dinner!

Delicious! After dinner we had a great chat with the owners. Great people!

Back at the hotel, the river was still running. Another early night for us!

Next morning we were back on the train to Venice. It was a quick trip. In fact, getting our baggage in storage took almost as long as the trip. Finding the ferry dock was a bit tricky, but knowing how easy it is to get turned around in this town, we had allowed plenty of time.

Even time for a bit of down time before boarding the ferry. Taking the ferry across the Adriatic from Venice to Rovinj was something we had looked forward to for a long time. In truth, it was a bit of a disappointment. Turns out it was just transportation. Crowded, noisy and, due to the weather, a lot rougher than I had imagined. Rovinj is not an easy place to access with public transportation and the ferry is the best of the options we've tried. I would certainly do it again. I would just have more realistic expectations. 

A little more than two hours and we were in Rovinj. 

Next morning, we woke up to drippy skies. Our little apartment felt like home. Safe, dry, well furnished. 

No need to do much except lay in provisions.