Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 8-9 Zagreb

What fun we had walking around Old Zagreb. 

It felt like visiting an old friend.

And how nice to be in the capital city for Croatian Independece Day! We woke up to the sound of bells. Every church in town was ringing the bells of freedom!

There was lots of celebrating in the main square. Music!

Tributes to long dead heros.

And media coverage.

We celebrated at a favorite restaurant.

I had white fish. Stanley chose the blue. Both were excellent!

I love evening walks.

The Dolac Market is always wonderful.

This is what I came home with. We created some very tasty pasta sauce. With some olive oil, bread, and a salad it was a yummy dinner. 

The Museum of Broken Relationships was a new experience for us. I was surprised by the contents and the presentation. People from all over the world have sent their stories of broken relationships . . . familial, romantic, business, and friendship. Along with the story, they send an object that represents either the relationship itself or the break. We saw everything you could imagine: clothing, jewelry, diaries, letters, shoes, toys, barbed wire, a container of holy water, playing cards, photographs, credit cards, and an axe.
The one pictured above told of a young couple so sure their love was the real thing they bought a stuffed animal to take on all the trips they planned to take when they had the money. Honey Bunny only made one trip. You can read about the museum at