Friday, October 3, 2014

September 12 Viaduc de Millau

On the other side of Sarlat, we were on our way to Carcassonne. 

Suddenly, Frosty had an inspirational thought. The highest bridge in the world was in France and he thought it might be very nearby. Quick as a rabbit, Jill was doing navigational magic. If we backtracked a few miles, we could see the bridge and still get to Carcassonne. Splendid! 

With the new route came unexpected scenery.

Miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills, covered in a patchwork quilt of farms.

And just as the landscape changed from peaceful hills to jagged mountains, we arrived. 

Notice the bridge has its own visitor center. Viaduc de Millau. You can read all about it at

Up thé hill

And  there it was. Wow!

Back in the car, we didn't quite make Carcassonne as quickly as we had hoped, but with the help of the GPS we found the entrance, parked the car, and located the hotel in the dark.

Another great find in the hotel department. This one had a great little patio, too. We had supper on the table in short order. It was a little shadowy, but we were at home in our little piece of a Cathar Castle. Heady stuff!