Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 8. Louvre and Trocadero

This day belonged to the Louvre! The following are some of the best of the photos I took!

Amazing! Being surrounded by that much art makes a person giddy!

No trip to the Louvre is complete without a viewing of Mona Lisa and it's best if it comes with a story. You may think, due to the blurry quality of the picture, that I was miles away when it was taken. Not true! I was at the very front of the group having followed right behind a very cute, very aggressive young Asian guy. When he stepped aside, he made sure I slipped into his place directly in front of Mona, belly up to the rope. Of course, having attained that position, it was not a good idea to tarry. I took my five shots and moved out of the way smugly knowing I had been where many feared to tred. I didn't even check my pictures until that night. Imagine my surprise when I realized this was the best of the lot! 
Oh, well! Nothing can take the place of that memory. Being caught up in the crush of desire to be as close as possible to greatness is unforgettable! 

A moment to reflect was mandatory before moving on!

But we did move on. 

The next big event was dinner.

Our date was with Tante Louise, 

Owned by chef Bernard Loiseau

All of the food we had in Paris was wonderful, but this was probably the best!

It seemed there was something beautiful at every turn!

And Trocadero! Imagine the Eiffel Tower with a full moon! Absolute magic! This is truly The City of Light, but having a full moon never hurts!