Saturday, October 4, 2014

September 14 Road Trip to Arles


A last look at Carcassonne.

First stop: Stanley's request - Cap d'Adge. Our first look at the Mediterranean Sea. 

Stanley and I joined Jill for her toe dip.

What can you say about a beach? Lots of sand. 

After the difficulty we had experienced finding a place to park, we wanted to spend a bit of time admiring all that sand. There were lots of restaurants and we were all up for coffee. Alas, the places with a view wanted you to eat and we weren't hungry. 

Next stop Pont du Gard. This was high on everyone's list. 

I understand this is just one of a kazillion bridges the Romans built. I understand it was not artistically designed, but rather built to a formula. I understand it was built to carry water to the city of Nice, not for the benefit of slack-jawed tourists. But still . . . It Is Breathtaking!

Back on the road, we had the GPS turned up full force. We were on our way to Arles. Downtown. That was bad enough. Little did we know it was the last day of the Feria de Riz. That little GPS found its way in spite of detours around barricades, through alleys, making corners we thought impossible right to the hotel parking lot.

We got out of the car and it was still working. Just as we pushed the hotel door open, it proudly announced, "You have arrived."