Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 9 Last Day in Paris

The morning was dedicated to Rodin.

The guys were pretty much "arted out," the day was beautiful . . . We decided to limit our visit to the garden. It was perfect!

I am a real sucker for sculpture, and this is some of the best! Nobody has ever expressed human suffering and frustration better!

Next stop was the Montparnasse Tower. Since we were unable to get tickets to go up in Eiffel, this was the next best thing! Oh, my goodness! You could see forever. I later read the view was way better from here than Eiffel. Some things just work out.

While we were there we got all our tickets sorted out for the train ride the next day. Being able to sleep an extra hour . . . priceless!

Everyone wanted to go to a flea market and we had a legitimate reason. Stanley needed a jacket for the evening dinner reservation. What a disappointment! After riding all the way across town, we found most of it closed and the rest was basically junk. Sorry, Darlin'. It wasn't exactly the vintage dinner jacket I had pictured.

Back across town to quickly change and off for our romantic evening. First, 
A champaign cruise on the Seine

Complete with photo ops

And dinner at one of the city's premier restaurants: Tour d'Argent.'Argent

The view was spectacular.

The 400 page wine list was daunting.

Thank goodness we chose the set menu. I'm not sure we were up to making all those decisions. We had a seven course meal which, although wonderful, was not the best food we had in Paris. The best thing about it was the experience . . . Which was completely lost on Stanley.

This was the only food picture I got that evening.

But I did get this picture of Frosty chatting up the duck deboner! I think he may be thinking of a career change.

And that wraps up Paris Part 1. We will have a few more days when we go back at the end of the trip.

Adieu, Paris