Friday, October 3, 2014

September 13 The Flying Tickets

The next morning we were out and about snapping pictures and gawking with the rest of the tourists. 

First on our list of places to explore was the Chateau Comtal. 
Stanley, Jill, and I admired the gardens below while Frosty bought the tickets.

 When he joined us he had a handful of assorted tickets, maps, and brochures. In trying to get it all sorted, he dropped the tickets. Instead of behaving normally, rolling along on the ground, these tickets went flying. They soared over the ramparts, glided over the gardens and floated back down just inches beyond our reach. 

Then like a child grown weary of the game, they landed on a bench directly below us. 

Frosty saved the day and the tickets by jogging back out the gate and around the wall scooping them up just as a fellow tourist sat down only a couple of feet away. 
Talk about a rush of adrenaline!