Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 5-6

The morning flew by! Even though we were as prepared as possible, it took longer than I had planned to attend to the final details. Finally, we were off! This is our luggage for a two month trip. We are learning to take less every year, but this is really bare bones. I'll let you know how it works out as we go along.

The plane was a HUGE air bus. 534 others shared the seven hour flight to Paris.

We arrived safely and settled in for our first coffe and people watching experience as we waited for Frosty and Jill to arrive.

All present and accounted for. A short wait for the apartment. How to fill the time? Food and wine, of course! Jill and I left Frosty and Stanley to hold down the table while we met with our landlady. What a hoot! She gave us instructions on everything from the microwave to the trash sorting. All of this was directed to Jill. I thought the woman assumed I wasn't smart enough to understand what she was saying and Jill thought she was getting the lecture because she looked like she needed special direct instruction.

Anal as the landlady might have been, the apartment was perfect. Almost too perfect.

And the location was the best. St. Germain Blvd. You can't get much more Parisian than that!

But all we could think about was a nap.