Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 6 Evening

Off to dinner!

Our first look at the Seine River.

Assemblee Nationale

Our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

A grand palace

And a petite one

It was Design Week in Paris and Frosty was the most fashionable guy in town.

It seemed flowers were everywhere!

The objective of this long hike: our first dinner reservation, Le Bistrot d'a Cote Flaubert. Was it worth the walk? Dang close!

As you can see, we dug in before anyone thought to take a picture. The fish was delicious!

What a great way to see the Arc de Triomphe for the first time! Lovely!

Still punch drunk and jet lagged, the walk down Champs Élysées was pretty much as blurred as the photo indicates. I just tried to soak up the feeling. When my leg finally declared it had had enough, we took a taxi back to the apartment. Just before we got to our corner, someone asked the cab driver if there was a bar nearby where draft beer was sold. Oh, yes. Just right down the street. Blocks and blocks later, we finally arrived. The beer was lousy, the crowd was loud, and we all realized about the same time that we were done for the day! Not wanting to risk another cab ride, we took the metro. It was totally painless.

As a special treat,we got to watch the Paris fire fighters in action. The show was almost over when we arrived, but it looks like they saved the day and the building!

A bed never looked so good. I slept for hours!