Friday, October 24, 2014

October 23- Stormy stormy sea

The wind whipped around corners and howled like a wounded animal all night long. We awoke to a very angry sea with waves breaking against the sea wall, sending tall feathery plumes of spray crashing back into the water. These photos were taken from our balcony

About noon Sue and Gordon came and we walked down to the old harbor for lunch.

The crash and boom was much more dramatic close up.  Even the ferry decided it was a good time to seek shelter. It stayed tucked away all day. With all this activity, I was sure it would pour rain, but we only got a few sprinkles.

Lunch was delicious as usual. We got four dishes and shared moussaka, fish casserole, spinach pie, and some little pastries stuffed with greens and cheese. Yummy!

We stopped at the store for a few provisions, and walked back up the hill. Sue and Gordon were on their way to new adventures and we were up for an afternoon of blogging, and reading. 

I turned those provisions into a pot of chicken soup with rice.

Which we enjoyed on the balcony with another sunset!

October 24 9:00AM

The sea is much calmer this morning, the wind has died down considerably, and the forecast is for two inches of rain. Go figure!