Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 10-11 Zagreb, Croatia to Chania, Greece

We took Trolley #6 from Ban Jelacic Square to the train station where we found a taxi to take us to the Zagreb airport. 

We flew from Zagreb to Istanbul, changed planes, flew to Athens, missed the bus, and took a 35 euro taxi to our hotel in Rafina. 

We had a great dinner, enjoyed the moon, and got a good nights sleep.

This morning we were at the bus stop in PLENTY of time to catch the bus. We watched the lights come on along the dock, and the cars loading on the Mykonos ferry. A lady from Slovenia joined us and we were having a grand visit until we realized the bus was quite a bit late. We started asking questions and discovered the bus had pared down its runs. Starting today! No more early morning bus to the airport on weekends until April 2015. Another 35 euro taxi. We shared this one with our new Slovenian friend. 

Oh, well! We all got to the airport in good time. We are safely in Chania, installed in a great hotel right in the middle of the old Venetian port. The sun is coming out, we've had breakfast and some strong Grecian coffee. Now that I have the blog caught up again I'll be ready to explore as soon as Stanley wakes up from his nap.

First, an update on our minimal luggage.
We have managed just fine. We have added two small paintings, a calendar, an umbrella, two books, some items for the grandchildren, two scarves, and a pair of shore shoes for Stanley. We have discarded the jacket we purchased in the Paris flea market and a pair of shoes that weren't working out for me. 
We have had two people recognize the HEB logo. There were probably others, but only two have talked to us about it. That bright red bag always works double duty on vacation. When we are on the move, I use it for soft stuff that goes through security easily. Once we are in an apartment it goes shopping with me. Since it is insulated, it works great for fish, meat, cheese, and anything else I need to keep cool.
No store does more than my HEB!