Saturday, October 4, 2014

September 15 - Arles

We all enjoyed Arles even without Vincent.

We tracked the progress of a huge river project every time we went in or out of the hotel. It looked like slow going to me.

Walking the streets was entertaining.

Like the arena in Pula, this one is used for public events. The were in process of transforming it from bull fight arena to soccer field the day we were there.

Views from the Medieval add-on were spectacular!

Who are these people? They keep appearing in my photos.

The church was very interesting.

The front door could preach a three hour sermon all by itself. 

Inside, the church was adorned with highly decorated side altars all around the perifery of the church.

Including this one full of saintly relics. Mostly small bones, but each one was carefully identified.

Best of all . . . a complete skull. It all seemed a bit morbid to me. Does this remind anyone else of Pillars of the Earth?

The theater was a bit on the ragged side, as Roman theaters often are.

A walk around the Roman baths. Unfortunately they were closed, but we saw a lot from the outside.

Now, I have a confession. Frosty and Jill went on to see some additional sights, but Stanley and I went back to the hotel. We both needed a nap.